• Why be a Homemaker?

    In this busy time of two income families we are left with little time to enjoy each other, our family and home. Weekdays are fast paced, beginning with showering, breakfast, Read More
  • Managing the House

    Let's talk about all the aspects of home management. There is the grocery shopping, budgeting, cleaning, cooking, laundry, repairs, caring for the kids, etc. Cleaning can involve, bathrooms, kitchen, dusting, Read More
  • Tips for the Homemaker

    To be a successful homemaker you should establish and follow a daily and weekly routine. My weekday routine begins by preparing breakfast while my wife showers. I take her breakfast Read More
  • Sealing up the House

    Sealing up windows and doors can save hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs. It's best to pick a cold windy day. Look for leaks around doors, windows, outside Read More
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